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Welcome to the website! This post has been made sticky, so it will always show at the top. The site has two main purposes. Firstly, there are publicly visible promotional offers and secondly, a forum that has Members Only areas that are visible only to registered users.

I set up the site to promote my own affiliate offers and also to give members a private area to share ideas and promote their own offers. Any form of online marketing is hard, especially when it comes to traffic. Affiliate marketing is even harder, because you need to be approved to promote an offer.

Getting your site found is almost an impossible task. You are competing with literally millions of other websites. The way I have set up the promotions page and by making the forum only visible to members, means search engines are not going to find much of interest here.

They may find my posts, but that’s about all. So, “word of mouth” is really the only way the site will get known. If you find the site of use, please let other people know. I’m not aiming for the sky here, but offering a site that is useful for those who need it. The aim is quality, not quantity.

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