Free Traffic Program

Getting traffic to your website or promotion is probably one of the hardest aspects of affiliate marketing. Getting free traffic is especially hard and usually a very slow process.

The Instant Profits Club provides a simple solution that is a freemium program. It is free to join and you can upgrade to different levels if and when you choose.

With the free option, you get a Warrior Plus affiliate link and anyone who joins under you becomes a member of your downline. It is not an MLM program, because there is only the one downline level.

Your affiliate link is automatically approved, so you can get your link even if you have no history with Warrior Plus. When someone joins under you, they join as a free member too, so you do not get any commission.

Instant Profits Club Card
However, if your downline member upgrades to the Pro version for $17, you will earn a 50% commission.

If you upgrade to a Pro member, you would have gotten 100% instead.

That means you would get your upgrade fee back with only one referral upgrading.

The various upgrade levels are like OTO’s, but there is no launch period or downsells.

You can upgrade to any level, at any time, and the price will always be the same. There is never any pressure put on you to upgrade, it is entirely up to you and how much commission you want to earn.

Pro Membership
There are many benefits to becoming a Pro member besides higher commissions. Firstly, you get a “Review Page” you can use for promotions. You can see mine here. You will notice that there are embedded links to my signup page, so you are getting free opportunities to get new downline members.

Secondly, you get access to a wide range of promotional tools:

Instant Profits Club Tools

The images I am using on this page are ones provided by those tools. Thirdly, you get priority access to the Help Desk support.

Instant Profits Club VideosLastly, you get access to 26 videos that give you ideas on how to promote your website or products and other useful tips.

The videos are not tutorials, they are merely talking about different options and a brief overview of how you could implement them.

You take what you like and ignore the ones that don’t interest you.

Leads Converter Upgrade
The next upgrade level is probably the most profitable long-term.

You get to integrate your own autoresponder with your signup page.

This means you now have the email address of everyone who signed up under you. You can then use that list to promote your other offers or simply to build a rapport with your referrals.

You also get 10 eBooks that have your signup link embedded into them.

Once they are out in the wild and get shared by people who are not even in the Instant Profits Club, your signup link is also there for everyone to see, creating viral traffic. Not bad for $27!!

Further Upgrades
There are three more upgrades you can add, but for the purpose of this post, they are advanced ones you may not be interested in initially. You can see them on my review page.

Give it a Try
I recommend you give this program a try. It is free to join and could very well be just what you’re looking for. You can signup by clicking on the button below.